We’re just about to embark on an exciting second stage of the journey into skilled professional self-expression in English.

As you have inferred from English I, getting your message across in any context is paramount to progressing. To do this, you must understand what your message is, what audience you are sending it to, and how it will be perceived. You must also weigh-in the circumstances surrounding your communications, such as situational and cultural contexts. This course teaches you all about crafting clear and effective communications in standard modern everyday English with hand-on and realistic examples of current usage.

In a recent survey of recruiters from leading companies, communication skills were cited as the single more important decisive factor in choosing managers and assistant managers. The survey, conducted by the University of Pittsburgh's Katz Business School, points out that communication skills, including written and oral presentations, as well as an ability to work with others, are the main factor contributing to job success.

Deze cursus maakt deel uit van de opleiding HBO5 Management Assistant maar kan als losse module door iedereen gevolgd worden.